Make some fun Halloween treats at home that your little ones will love?

Do you have some Halloween Cookie Cutters? That’s all you’ll need to make these treats.

Frightening Tortilla Chips: Start with some flour tortillas and splash a touch of Canola oil on them. Sprinkle Parmesan cheddar or cinnamon and sugar on them. At that point cut fun shapes out of the tortillas with a bat, phantom or pumpkin cutout. Put the shapes into the broiler for a fun treat.

Spooky Sandwiches: Nutty spread and jam works fine and dandy. Use a cutout, press hard into the sandwich and you’ll get a spooky treat. For a pumpkin add licorice or sweet corn to make eyes and nose on a jack-o-lamp.


Dreadful Cheese and Cold Cuts: Get bundled cheddar (the kind that you peel the plastic off). Get some cold cuts. Make spooky shapes with cutouts. Present the cheddar and cool cuts on a platter as a appetizer or have a sandwich buffet and have your kids make their own sandwiches.

Witch Fingers: Get some dough and almonds? Make witch fingers. Just stretch out the dough into a “finger-shape” including a knuckle. Then, take the almond and press it into the end to make the fingernail. Experiment with different colors to make witch fingers creepier. Paint the fingernail with food coloring (grey or black is perfect), or make the dough a creepy green color. Spooky!

Green Anything: Take your favorite foods and add a drop of green food coloring to them. French toast? Make it green. Pudding? Make it green. Serve green milk with your cookies.

You’ll be the coolest mom on the block.